TACTIC is a dynamic collaboration orchestrated by FACTUAL in partnership with Clem’ and EIT Urban Mobility within the Métropole du Grand Paris. It is set to revolutionise local economies and enhance citizens’ well-being through eco-friendly delivery solutions.

At the heart of the initiative lies Clem’. An electric vehicle-sharing app offering a versatile fleet of e-cargo bikes and e-vans for merchants and citizens to move any kind of goods around the city. Clem offers a seamless user experience with a mobile app and an innovative charging station featuring a cutting-edge lock/unlock rental mechanism for both transport options.


Demo Day in Rueil Malmaison

Our visit included an in-depth exploration of Clem’s facilities and an examination of the ongoing pilot project. Venturing into the Rueil Malmaison area, we uncovered Métropole du Grand Paris’ admirable effort in expanding e-van and e-cargo bike-sharing services to local shopkeepers.

Check out the Métropole du Grand Paris explanatory video. (French version here)

Unveiling Clem’s Technological Advancements

We actively examined Clem’s technological advancements throughout the day, such as the integration of e-van charging stations, branded vehicles, and the groundbreaking unlock/lock rental mechanism for cargo bikes and e-vans.

We also had the opportunity to validate Clem’s solutions in practical situations. During our visit to the Rueil Malmaison station, we effortlessly reserved and unlocked e-vans through Clem’s rental app. Once the e-vehicle is reserved, a pin has to be inserted into the keybox solution to access the keys.

Business Prospects and Future Endeavors

Discussions extended to business prospects for the upcoming months, not only for Métropole du Grand Paris but also for the Barcelona Living Lab. The collaborative efforts between these entities promise a sustainable and efficient future for urban mobility.

During our time in Rueil Malmaison, we observed the project’s advancements first-hand, reaffirming the collaborative efforts that are actively shaping the future of sustainable delivery methods. With FACTUAL, EIT Mobility and Clem’ at its forefront, TACTIC is a beacon of hope for a more eco-friendly and citizen-centric urban landscape.