Vision and objectives

Vision and objectives

Tactic is a collaborative working approach between the local commerce ecosystem, e-logistics operators, cargo bike operators, cities and technology providers, which will develop new business models that will help them improve the quality of their products and services:

Enhance the local economy

by promoting locally sourced products and supporting small businesses,  expanding their delivery area based on environmentally friendly deliveries at competitive prices. 

Promote sustainable logistics

by increasing the competitiveness and availability of cargo bikes and e-vans for logistics.

Improve citizens’ wellbeing

by improving the accessibility to high quality local products, and improving air quality in the city through sustainable delivery options.

What we do

What we do

TACTIC enables greener last mile logistics solutions by connecting commerces and citizens with electronic marketplace and e-vehicle sharing apps providing green logistics delivery option such as cargo bikes and e-vans.


For the Logistic operators:
  • Optimization of the logistic routes.

  • Reduction of delivery costs.

  • Aggregation of the demand.

For the Commerce and local markets:
  • Acceleration of market opportunities.

  • Digitalisation and modernisation.

  • Real time delivery services.

  • Flexibility and green delivery solutions.

For the User:
  • New green and inclusive delivery solution.

  • Real time responsive service.

  • Flexibility.

  • Reduce of order costs.

  • Increase accessibility to local and high quality products.

For the City:
  • Create liveable urban spaces.

  • Improving of air quality.

  • Reduction of congestion.