On the 28th of June, the TACTIC consortium and EIT Urban Mobility gathered in Barcelona for an exciting and productive in-person meeting. With a shared vision of promoting local consumption and reducing environmental footprints related to urban logistics, this event brought together industry innovative leaders!

Read on to learn and remember everything we did there.

VANaPEDAL Logistic Operation

In the first activity of the day the partners had the opportunity to witness on firsthand the logistic operation of Vanapedal’s e-cargo bikes. We observed the distribution of deliveries among different bikes in real-time and explored the potential of the cold box prototype for fresh product deliveries. This cold box prototype makes sure the cold chain is not interrupted allowing the transportation of perishable products that must be stored and transported within recommended temperature ranges.

In addition, we found out that one of the biggest experienced international freight forwarder is a client of VANaPEDAL and most of their last mile deliveries in Barcelona city center is being done using e-cargo bikes.

I leave you also all the presentation in the presentation folder…there is information there

Charging stations in the city of Barcelona

The TACTIC consortium continued the morning visiting several charging stations in the city center. Endolla Barcelona – the responsible unit for the electric stations of Barcelona city council – gave an explanation about their prospects and goals for the city as well as the work that has been done until now – they expect to reach the 1000 charging stations until the end of 2023 making Barcelona the second city in Europe with more charging stations per km2.

The partners also visited the BSM Estación del Norte parking that serves as a intermodal hub and has several charging points available.

The digitalization of Fort Pienc market

After learning everything about e-charging stations in Barcelona the TACTIC consortium went to the Mercat de Fort Pienc. In this market Hermeneus World had the opportunity to explain the process of digitalizing the market products and the logistic operation that is necessary to maintain the connection between the shops, the platform and the clients as smooth as possible. This digitalization process includes gathering all necessary details about each market products, including descriptions, photos, pricing, dimensions, weight, etc. Basically, is adding to the system all the information that the user will need to see, to select and pay for the products online.

La Superilla de Poublenou

Just before heading to lunch, the partners visited La Superilla de Poublenou. A superblock in Poblenou, which will celebrate its seventh year in operation this year. It was the first one built in the city, serving as a pilot test reflecting the ideal model for creating a healthy, greener, fairer, and safer public space.

If you want to know more about what is a superblock watch this video Superblocks | urban mobility simply explained.

Workshop and partners presentations

In the afternoon, the consortium gathered at EIT headquarters for an engaging workshop, where partners delved into critical discussions and shared their progress in the project. Here are the highlights of each partner’s talk:

  • Hermeneus World is focused on digitalizing the market products and developing the feature that will allow clients to choose the delivery from different logistic operators, including green option services, such as Vanapedal’s
  • VANaPEDAL is actively engaging with potential new clients, particularly those associated with the El Born Commerce Association. They are also in the process of developing their 24-hour logistic operation platform.
  • Clem’ is in the process of implementing the cargo bikes into their services within the Paris metropole.
  • Métropole du Grand Paris is in communication with lab cities within the Métropole to determine suitable locations for charging stations.
  • Barcelona City Council is currently in dialogue with key stakeholders to determine the optimal placement of vehicles for the pilot program. Additionally, they are defining the operational conditions for the e-commerce platform within the municipal market.

During their presentations at the workshop, Hermeneus World, Clem’, Barcelona City Council, and Metropole du Grand Paris highlighted these significant advancements and ongoing efforts in their respective areas.

Stay connected with TACTIC as we continue to innovate for a better future, prioritizing the environment and the local economy!