On the 6th of June, a TACTIC meeting brought together two of our project partners – Métropole du Grand Paris and Clem’ – along with the municipality of Rueil-Malmaison. The main objective of this meeting was to introduce the TACTIC Living Lab to this municipality and initiate discussions for its forthcoming launch. In this meeting were present: Bruno Flinois CEO of CLEM, from the Metropole du Grand Paris: Sophie Benet Sustainable Urban Logistics Project Manager and Martine Vazquez Project Manager for Sustainable Urban Logistics; and from Rueil-Malmaison municipality: Laetitia Urie Commerce Manager and Virginie Colin Mission Manager for Commerce Services.

During the meeting, Clem’ shared information about their services, the strategy behind their platform, and the different features it offers. They also discussed the advantages that the municipality will gain from participating in the Living Lab. Additionally, the Metropole du Grand Paris presented their marketing strategy to encourage professionals to engage with TACTIC.

This meeting was a significant step forward for the Metropole du Grand Paris Living Lab by providing valuable insights into the practical application and transformative potential of TACTIC. Building upon this progress, the next steps will involve:

Selecting the most suitable parking and charging stations location for the e-vans and e-cargo bikes.

Selecting a specific market within the municipality.

By bringing together key stakeholders, this meeting was an important part of our dissemination efforts to achieve cleaner, greener, and more sustainable urban logistics. It marked a milestone in our journey towards a more environmentally friendly future!