At the end of March, we attended Autonomy in Paris, one of the most important events in Europe focused on mobility. During the event, some of the partners of tactic, Factual, Métropole du Gran Paris and Clem’ got to meet and catch up on the project. Not only that but the Métropole du Grand Paris was also awarded the “Territories & Decarbonised Mobilities Award” for its remarkable strides in decarbonising last-mile logistics. The winning initiative was powered by a tool developed within the tactic framework, spearheaded by Factual.

The Territories & Decarbonised Mobilities Award honours cities for their innovative and sustainable transportation solutions, aiming to improve citizens’ lives and create a greener future. It’s divided into six categories, each focusing on different aspects of sustainable mobility. The award ultimately aims to enhance citizens’ quality of life and foster a greener future.

In this edition, the Métropole de Grand Paris stood out for its dedication to sustainable logistics, bolstered by the innovative e-vehicles engineered by Clem. These vehicles not only offer an eco-conscious alternative but also make sustainable logistics accessible and appealing to a wider audience.


The recognition of the Métropole de Grand Paris’s commitment to sustainability is not only a testament to their efforts but also a catalyst for further progress. This achievement not only reflects positively on the city but also serves to propel broader sustainability objectives.

Alongside the winners, let’s not forget to applaud the finalists who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to sustainability. Among them, SNFC Group’s ‘574 Grand Est’, an accelerator of digital projects, and Ville Croissy Sur Seine, stand out for their remarkable commitment and outstanding contributions to sustainable mobility.

For those eager to delve deeper into the work of Clem, the Métropole de Grand Paris, and Factual, the video below offers a glimpse into the innovative endeavours shaping the future of sustainable transportation.